The Art of Social Media Storytelling (A Campfire Story)

When thinking about the art of storytelling, I envision a group of individuals gathered around a campfire, swapping funny and relatable experiences with each other. The same analogy is true for social media storytelling, except in the digital realm there are many stories being told and a lot of the individuals are gathered around multiple campfires at once. As the voice of your brand, it is vital to build a bright fire of content that attracts individuals to engage in the conversation. To ensure that your storytelling is the most effective, it is important that you:


1. Locate your campers (Analyze your audience)

  • Before you begin to research or even develop content, it is necessary that you determine who your readers are by conducting an audience analysis. By creating a good foundation and forming a deep relationship with the brand, you will be able to analyze and target the appropriate audience of consumers.

2. Find your campsite (Choose your social platform or content medium)

  • After determining your audience, you need to establish which medium would be optimal for the conversation. In many cases, you will have one site for the full content and will be using social platforms to broadcast the story to your target audience. When broadcasting your content on social media, it is very important to maintain the style of your brand as well as create unique content that fits the style of different platforms.

3. Find and cut your firewood (Research your content topic) 

  • Now that you know whom you are writing to and where you will be publishing the content, it is time to research and develop your topic. Even if you are an expert on the topic of interest, it is still critical to conduct research because of possible changes or new trends that you may not be aware of. Compiling the most up-to-date and relevant information will make your content stronger and more meaningful to your audience.

4. Build your campfire (Outline and develop your content)

  • After researching and compiling related information, you can begin to create an ideal outline and develop your content. When building your content you should keep your target audience and medium in mind, as they will help to form your tone and style. These will change depending on the whowhat and where of your content so it is very important to be extremely knowledgeable about all three.

5. Light your fire (Publish your content)

  • With the content developed, you have now reached the point of publishing. Before doing this, it is key that you ensure your content matches your ideal outline and is both understandable and concise. To increase the capabilities of your content you may also want to create tags, metadata, keyword links and even attractive graphics.

6. Add wood..and lighter build your fire brighter (Attract and Engage your audience) 

  • Publishing your content is not the final step, as engagement with your audience is your overall purpose. As your audience interacts with the content on different platforms, it is important that you continue the conversations to further engage and create unique connections.

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