Four Things that The Beatles taught us about Content Marketing

When thinking about content marketing, many only think about companies and brands using the tool to attract customers. What most of us don’t think of is the fact that it transcends branding in the business industry and the tactic can actually be found in both the movie and music industries as well.The Beatles

In the ‘60s, four young chaps from Liverpool were on top of both industries. The Beatles were taking the world by storm with their abundance of hits as well as their financially successful movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, which featured many of the popular tracks from their records of the same names.

Now that we are in the digital age and content marketing has become such a powerful tool, it is important that we learn from those who came before us to use similar strategies. It is no question that we can learn a lot from the greatest band of all time; here are four things that John, Paul, George and Ringo have taught us about content marketing.

1.    You-centered

  • It is no secret that the Fab 4 were extremely beloved by their fans. Aside from their style of fashion, lack-there-of-grooming and silly yet charming personalities, the band was able to do this by focusing their music on the listeners. Of their entire collection of music, around 44 titles of tracks included the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’. Creating music that is you-centered is important to connect with fans, and this is also true for branded content. By focusing on your fan-base, or target audience, you will have much more success when trying to connect.

2.    Reuse and Syndicate

  • Before The Beatles were famous in the United States, they had already built up a large amount of hits in England. This served as a very powerful tactic as they were able to release older songs as well as newer ones, making it seem as if they were putting out hits quicker than any band before. When creating content, it is important that you create a syndication strategy to continually spread your work through many channels. To do this most effectively, you must study the analytics of previous content to gauge the best times and channels to do so.

3.    Breaking up isn’t bad

  • Though the band was only together for a decade, each member was able to have a successful solo career. Not only did they continue to create music, but also were able to grow in different directions and attract different kinds of fans. Working on content as a team can be useful but sometimes working separately allows new ideas to flow. When your content team hits a roadblock, or is having difficulty on agreeing on a similar direction, let each member go their own way and you may be able to capture a new audience that you never would have with everyone working together.

 4.    Start a Revolution

  • Other than actually having a song entitled ‘Revolution’, The Beatles are known to have been the band that changed the game and took the world by storm with their movement. Other than The Beatles Fanspolitically, they also changed the music game by changing average fans into musical fiends. You’ve seen the videos of fans when the band hit the stage; why not create the same craziness with your content? Some ways to do this involve creating fun videos instead of just words, engaging with users uniquely on social networks or even offering promotion through free giveaways!

When you think that your content marketing has reached its maximum potential or perhaps is not having the affect that you want it to, recall the band that changed everything and their tactics of doing so. In the words of the Fab 4, “It’s getting better all the time!”


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