Data-Driven Marketing is the New Black

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and progressing the role of marketers as it continues to grow. Yesterday’s marketer spent time trying to develop solutions to attract their perceived audience; tomorrow’s marketer is spending time interpreting data and transforming analytics into insight.

Digital achievement can be found at the corner of online marketing and business intelligence (BI), which is where professionals are looking for prime real estate and moving.

Currently, many companies focus on one aspect but lack the other. The companies that do focus on both aspects silo them away from each other, with marketing in one department and BI in another. Though this made sense, because in the past they did not work closely together, with more access to big data and analytical tools that make data more easily interpretable, companies need to unite them together.

The data-driven marketing economy (DDME) is definitely impacting the business world, the digital realm to be more specific. It’s not in the far off future, it’s happening here and now. Skills in digital analytics, data-driven marketing and predictive analytics are crucial in order to survive and thrive.

As this trend continues, and data becomes more available, the best digital marketer will be the one with knowledge and passion for marketing, as well as technical and analytical skills.

Marketing isn’t about working from the gut anymore; it’s about interpreting and working from the numbers. Intuition is important, but, if it’s based on experiences before there was an emphasis on analytic tools and data, doesn’t it make sense to shift to more knowledge-based marketing? We shouldn’t have gut feelings based on this kind of intuition anymore, in this data-driven world we should have feelings based on analytics and insight.

Data breed’s valuable business knowledge, which can be a catalyst for overall achievement, with this said data alone doesn’t equal stronger decisions and success. Data is fundamental material that, when mixed with accurate marketing and BI, will help to create success.

In the end, it’s worth it to invest in data. No question. If digital marketing were a bedtime story, data would be the breadcrumbs. Don’t you want to find your way to a happily ever after?


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